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Playing Monopoly

The History Of Monopoly Game

Monopoly game is the most selling game in its category. Currently it is commercialized in more than 100 countries all over the world.

Today we are going to find out when the game has appeared and also who invented it. Monopoly appeared in 1934 in the US and was designed by the Great Depression. Darrow of Germantown , Pennsylvania , showed his creation , called him by the management Monopoly Parker Brothers producing toys . Can you believe it that the games was first rejected because it has too many errors design?

However that wasn't the end for sure. Darrow was not daunted left and although he was like many other Americans , unemployed , he was thought to produce this game on his own. Said and done : with a friend produced over 5,000 copies of the game that sold them through a toy store in Philadelphia. The game was a big hit instantly . Darrow could not keep up with demand and went back to Parker Brothers company who this time was agree to produce the game . And as they say, the rest is history !

Soon the game is going to be transformed into a big hit. In the first year of its launch , the game Monopoly was the best selling game in America. Over more than 75 years after its launch , it has been estimated that over 500 million people have played Monopoly at least one time. Discover one by one all the good online casino games in the world.

This is it. In the digital era we can play all type of games. We just have to choose our flavor and seconds later we are already gaming.

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